About Seafood Consulting Associates (SCA)

The “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How” of SCA

Who: SCA is led by its Managing Director, Lukas Manomaitis, who has over 25 years of experience in the fisheries sector.  As noted in the company name, other Associates may be taken on from time to time to help with specific assignments.  Currently SCA has two permanent employees.

What: SCA is a consulting firm that works to bring key information, technology and expertise to clients to allow a better understanding and appreciation of the seafood production chain.

When: SCA was established in 2001 in Southeast Asia.

Where: While centered in Bangkok, Thailand, the geographical scope and experience of SCA covers a much wider area.  The seafood industry is an international one!  SCA is s currently based in Bangkok due to the convenience of the regional Southeast Asian air hub there.

Why: Simply put – a passion for seafood.  In order for the seafood industry to thrive and grow, particularly in the expanding aquaculture sector, organizations need to get the best information, technology and experience possible.  SCA brings that expertise to its clients.

How: Why not contact SCA at luke@seafoodconsulting.com and find out more?  There is no set way that an assignment may be successfully fulfilled, the best way to determine the best approach through a detailed discussion of what is desired by the client.